Day: November 11, 2019

Dating Apps

Do Women Trust Online Dating?

Getting Lucky on Dating Apps: Do Women Trust Online Dating?

Dating apps are one of the biggest misunderstandings you’ll ever see over the course of your life: the majority of them promise you’ll be drowning in women in the first hour of making your profile, uploading a really hot profile picture, and making your bio where you try to get across that you really are a funny guy.

The expectation of immediate results, along with a lot of others, are some of the biggest one can have about dating sites, and are common all over the world. Before you expect to be regularly getting results from dating sites, you must make an effort to understand how people react to things, and whether women actually trust dating sites.

The last factor is actually much, much more important than you may realize it is. Somebody who trusts dating sites, and doesn’t see them through a veil of suspicion, will have a much easier time opening up to dates they meet online, and will be more reactive to stuff. They’ll find themselves having an easier time agreeing. Sounds nice? Vice versa, a lady who doesn’t trust dating sites will tend to put a lot of thought into things, up to and including meeting up in real life. Before you make outrageous flirtations on the somewhat incorrect basis that women like men who aren’t afraid to get intense, you have to understand how women will react to different things you say.

How Do I Know She’s Into Me?

The best tip one can have to understand if somebody’s into them is: lookout for hints. Always take a few seconds to comprehend something before blurting out whatever replies come to mind- the trick is to converse correctly, while not being unfashionably late, not a race to see who replies quicker.

It’s important to not feel pressured during a conversation, and treat it as just that: a normal conversation with somebody you met online. Be confident, be friendly, and try your best to be funny. Even if you aren’t, there are very few women who’ll point this out, as everybody appreciates somebody trying their best!

On the whole, women have a harder time trusting people they met on dating sites than men: men are generally open to meet-ups, going out on a date, all the way up to having sex. Women, on the other hand, tend to be much shyer and reserved, which means you really do have to put some effort into it if you want it to go somewhere. Hasty replies, being cheap or petty- these just won’t do.

If you want to adapt to the shyer attitudes of women meeting men online, try to be funny, and appear to be easygoing. Even if she doesn’t explicitly trust dating sites, you’ll soon find her opening up to you if you talk with her normally, and don’t make any creepy or overly flirty comments. Try your best, be funny, be confident, and it’ll go well!