Day: November 19, 2019

How To Enjoy First Time Sex

How To Enjoy Fully The First Time Sex?

Are you excited regarding your first time sex? Want to know how you can enjoy fully during the first time sex? If yes, then you are in the right place! Here in this post, we are going to discuss such an important topic which will definitely help many newbies who want to enjoy their first-time sex. No doubt sex is pleasurable but for a first-timer, it’s a matter of excitement as well as fear. Fear in a sense of pain or oddness! Though most of the people know it’s all about your thinking and perception still here we will clear everything for you regarding how you can enjoy sex fully when you will go for the first time. So let’s start with some more details.

Some Tips For A Newbie Who Wants To Enjoy Their First-ever Sex


If you are going for the first time sex then it’s always better to learn the art of foreplay. No, the question is why it’s necessary? It’s very simple! Mostly females seduced lately than men and for them, you need to perform foreplay so that you can seduce your female partner properly and your partner will get ready for sex. When you will perform foreplay normally your female partner gets wet and her vagina naturally lubricates which helps a lot during sex.

Use Lubricants

Sometimes you may feel a little bit pain during penetration and it’s because of several reasons like a tight vagina or may be due to your hymen. So if you want to avoid this pain it’s always better to use enough lubricant on your penis so that it can easily penetrate the vagina and you can perform comfortably on the bed. Remember always use a good quality lubricant to avoid any kind of irritation or unwanted infection.

Take Care Of Your Partner And Perform With Relax

During the first time during sex, it’s always necessary to be relaxed. Don’t think that sex will hurt. Always take care of your partner. Just talk with her confidently and ask her about her comfort level. If your partner is well enough and ready to move forward then you will definitely enjoy the best experience of sex even if it is your first attempt.

If you can manage everything properly and slowly proceed with amazing sex with your female partner then you will definitely enjoy a lot for sure. Just follow our given tips and enjoy the best ever experience for sure.