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How Sex Tech Is Changing The Sex World

How Sex Tech Is Changing The Sex World

There is no field that is untouched from technology. Tech and new inventions have been done a great revolution in every aspect and make human life easy and comfortable.

In the past years, technology has played a vital role in relationships, love, romance, sex, and affairs. Now you can find a perfect match just by making profiles at the dating apps and matrimonial sites.

Tech brings people close and provides the freedom to choose their partner. If you want pleasure and satisfaction without a partner then sex toys help you well and there are plenty of sex products available that are like gifts of tech.

Choose Your Dream One With A Click

Multiple dating apps and hook up apps have been developed that provide excess freedom to a user to choose the right one for you. Everyone has smartphones with internet speed you just have to download the app and create your profile there and write down your interests and that’s it.

You can find out your dream girl or boy all over in the world. If you want a serious relationship then choose related apps if you want a one night stand to find out near you.

Personalized Your Pleasure

Many people can’t relate to other people and they are very bad with relationships. Or if you are not happy with your intimate relationships then sex toys will help you through.

There are thousands of sex toys available in the market for men and women that give you 100% pleasure and satisfaction. Once you buy then you can enjoy anytime without any exception.

Sex toys have become a new trend of sex tech and companies have been searching for such toys that can provide a real human experience.

Feel Wider With VR Tech

Nowadays technology has been inventing robots, sex dolls, and VR tech that enhances your sex experience and makes it higher and greater than before. Now sex is not the thing of the bedroom because tech knows what the human needs are.

If you are not comfortable with your present partner tech will help you to find one. There are endless ways that never make you feel depressed or alone.

We must say that the future sex will more advanced and surely change the world and people’s thinking about sex and physical intimacy and we hope that these inventions and tech are only for good and provide only benefits.

How To Enjoy First Time Sex

How To Enjoy Fully The First Time Sex?

Are you excited regarding your first time sex? Want to know how you can enjoy fully during the first time sex? If yes, then you are in the right place! Here in this post, we are going to discuss such an important topic which will definitely help many newbies who want to enjoy their first-time sex. No doubt sex is pleasurable but for a first-timer, it’s a matter of excitement as well as fear. Fear in a sense of pain or oddness! Though most of the people know it’s all about your thinking and perception still here we will clear everything for you regarding how you can enjoy sex fully when you will go for the first time. So let’s start with some more details.

Some Tips For A Newbie Who Wants To Enjoy Their First-ever Sex


If you are going for the first time sex then it’s always better to learn the art of foreplay. No, the question is why it’s necessary? It’s very simple! Mostly females seduced lately than men and for them, you need to perform foreplay so that you can seduce your female partner properly and your partner will get ready for sex. When you will perform foreplay normally your female partner gets wet and her vagina naturally lubricates which helps a lot during sex.

Use Lubricants

Sometimes you may feel a little bit pain during penetration and it’s because of several reasons like a tight vagina or may be due to your hymen. So if you want to avoid this pain it’s always better to use enough lubricant on your penis so that it can easily penetrate the vagina and you can perform comfortably on the bed. Remember always use a good quality lubricant to avoid any kind of irritation or unwanted infection.

Take Care Of Your Partner And Perform With Relax

During the first time during sex, it’s always necessary to be relaxed. Don’t think that sex will hurt. Always take care of your partner. Just talk with her confidently and ask her about her comfort level. If your partner is well enough and ready to move forward then you will definitely enjoy the best experience of sex even if it is your first attempt.

If you can manage everything properly and slowly proceed with amazing sex with your female partner then you will definitely enjoy a lot for sure. Just follow our given tips and enjoy the best ever experience for sure.

Escorts Hiring

Does Escorts Hiring Become Easy Nowadays

It has become very easy to hire escorts these days. All you have to do is to visit a website and book one for yourself. The Internet has made things easier. There are not many issues in hiring an escort online from an agency. They are legal, and they also keep your details safe. But, it becomes risky when it comes to hiring an independent escort online. It may become an issue as there are several risks that you may have. Let’s have a look at the reasons not to hire an independent escort online.

Why you should not hire independent escorts online

Security Issues

If you are going to hire an independent escort online, there are several security issues that you might go through. You never know if the escort is doing it legally or not. Escorting is legal in most of the countries, but hiring a call girl is illegal in some of them. These are points that you should always keep in mind. Now, there is no surety about the fact of whether she is an escort for real or a call girl. If she turns out to be a call girl, you may have to face some legal issues.

There are safety issues, as well. You will be providing your address to a complete stranger. She could turn out to be a criminal, and there will be no agency to contact afterward. You may end up in trouble.

Risk of Scam

Escort agencies have to keep up with their reputation. So, they never provide any wrong information on their website. But, this is not the case with independent escorts. They don’t have to make a perfect image. Also, there is no surety whether the same girl will come to your place, which was there in the picture or not. It could be a scam, and you could end up with a totally different girl.

Also, there are payment risks. Some independent escorts work online as for an advance. This is where you get in trouble. You will pay for their services, but there is no surety that they will come. Also, you won’t have any agency to contact. This is a big issue.

You will end up in her client list

When you hire an independent escort online, you will end up in her client list. This is something that may not look like an issue to you now, but in future, it may get you in trouble. Also, if she gets busted, she will disclose all the names. You will be on that list, and you may have to face the consequences. This is not all. There are other issues, as well. She may also choose to write a book about her past in the future. You will be one of her clients, and your name will be in it. It could create a lot of complications in your life.

Well, these are some of the risks that you have to face while hiring an independent escort online. Also, these are the reasons not to hire them online. But, this is not the case with escort agencies. They are safe, and you don’t have to worry about such things. So, if you want to hire an escort online, you should do it with an agency.

Anal Sex

How To Experience Safe Sex With Escorts

Are you looking to have an exciting session of love with a sizzling escort girl, but worried about your safety? Well, stop feeling ashamed as it is the same thought that everyone has in mind before booking an escort girl. Everyone fears that about the same thing, i.e., safety. It can be the protection of identity or even from sexually transmitted diseases as we all know that escorts have sex with multiple people every month.

In this post, we are going to tell you about the right way using which you can have a brilliant escort experience without any problem.

Choose A High-society Escorts

The biggest problem that people usually make is going for a cheap-class prostitute or low-grade call girl who doesn’t know how to talk. It is ideal to go for a high-class escort babe as they mostly have an educational & professional background.

On top of that, a luxurious escort girl always keeps themselves clean & stays free from such conditions. So, booking them will be very useful and allow you to enjoy it without too much worry about STDs.

Try To Avoid Incall Service

There is a huge chance you might have heard about people in your circle that they have used escort services by going in place of girls. No matter how amazing these things look, but you need to understand that there is a great sort of risk involved in it.

Trusting a girl at her place is a pretty tricky task that should be avoided if you follow wants to have a safer experience. Instead, go for a reputed agency that only has professional escort girls. Those babes only meet girls in the rooms of their clients.

Always Wear Protection

We know that the chances of having an STDs from a highly professional escort are low, but still, it is better to stay on the safer side. If you ask our expert team, then we deeply suggest wearing a condom while having intercourse with an escort girl.

STDs aren’t the only thing that needs to be taken worried while having intercourse as it ensures that no pregnancy happens. So, always wear the condom as it offers a great variety of benefits to the body.


If you follow things mentioned in this guide, then there is a full possibility that you will end up having a very wonderful and safer experience. Write about your sessions with an escort girl in the comment section.

Tips To Consider Hiring A Escort

5 Tips Consider Before Hiring A Escort

Roadside call girls are very easy to find in some areas. You won’t have to look around much to book one. You can easily find an attractive one and get her home to have sex. Also, they are flexible with the rates. However, some of them have fixed prices per night. You can also hire them for a shorter period and pay accordingly.

This is how simple it is to book a roadside girl for sex. They may not be high-class as escorts in VIP agencies. But, there is something that they have in them which is enough to make you go mad. Most of the roadside call girls have a dirty side of themselves that they reveal in bed sometimes.

This is not true that they do it out of helplessness. Most of the call girls do it because they like it. This is why they chose it as their profession. Also, this is the reason why you get to see their dirty side in bed. When a call girl gets comfortable with you, she will show you her dirty side and you are going to fall for it.

Dirty Side of Roadside Call Girls

Dirty Talks

They are not like sophisticated high-class escorts. They are very casual about what they do. So, once they are comfortable with you, they will have dirty talk to you. But, they have no limits. This is what makes them more amazing.

Roadside Callgirls know some dirty things

This is something that they have either learned with experience or just like doing. The roadside call girls enjoy the sex sessions with their clients. But, they do not throw everything away on the client. They know a lot of dirty tricks that feel amazingly hot in bed. This is something that you can get in a roadside call girl only. The sophisticated escorts will not go to the limits that these call girls are willing to go.

Erotic Things

Roadside call girls may not have high standards, but they do know how to make a man go nuts in bed. There are a lot of dirty tricks that they know to impress their clients. The best part about them is that they offer you their raw sexuality in bed. This makes things even hotter as there are no limitations.

These are the things that a roadside call girl is capable of doing. But, she will show this dirty side of her’s in bed only. If you make her feel comfortable in bed, you can enjoy all these things with a naughty animal who wants more and more sex. Such an experience will turn out to be one of the best and the most erotic moments of your life.

Also, if you make her comfortable with you, she may share the reason behind getting into the business. Once they open up to you, their raw sexuality becomes more clear and you can enjoy the night with them to the fullest. If you ever manage to bring out the dirty side of a roadside call girl, you will go mad in bed.