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threeway fucking My breath was coming in spirts. must have dozed for a few moments, because was suddenly brought back to consciousness by a familiar warm, dampness surrounding my still semi-erect cock. We never spoke, or threeway fucking smiled, or showed any particular reaction, but she began to rub up and down my penis as we simply stared deeply into each other's eyes. felt my mystery man soften and plop out of my ass. threeway fucking blew the biggest load all over the couch. Can you feel me?” He softly said as more and more of his penis gliding inside.” Said the courteous attendant."Get on your knees. gazed down to threeway fucking see the broad shoulders, tapering down to his thin waist… two men fucking like undomesticated animals bent on joining together at whatever the cost. All this cum in just a half day.. Taken off guard, grabbed threeway fucking onto him, laughing at the unusual situation. While he was experiencing his orgasm, started to fuck his ass with my finger. had never had an audience before and this further heightened my arousal. Dave's fist threeway fucking had flown up and down the turgid shaft of his life partner and he had managed to slide his finger deep in the back crevice of Deacon's tight asshole. It was a cool day; a bunch of bisex guys threeway fucking had huddled together in an outdoor alcove during recess to get out of the wind. As it began to swell, Mike said,"It looks like we're heading for round two!!", but that's another story. Dave pushed harder driving threeway fucking all of his massive tool inside Deacon before starting to pump his cock in and out of the tight asshole.
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dominant wives ass licking"Pat," he introduced himself We finished showering, turned off the water and he kissed me again He leaned in and took the head of my cock in his mouth as returned to slurping on Steve's rock hard pole “That was the best was suddenly overcome with a feeling of excitement then learned that the lisp was caused by a huge stud that had been inserted into his pierced tongue could feel my cock harden as walked down the isles thinking about what could use the various items for awoke first in the morning and made everybody breakfast Then he stopped and stared into my eyes felt so dirty as glanced at all the hot ladies walking down the street"Sure," he said, nearly falling off of his stool Minutes later, each of these three fine gentlemen zipped up, thanked me and stepped out of the booth He got up and got some pillows from the bed put them behind his head and just “made himself at home” was almost home free when a hand reached out from inside a room and grabbed me! The hand yanked me inside of the room and slammed the door"Happy birthday, Brian Both of us were moaning, licking and sucking A serious expression came over his lovely face Moaning his name aloud, dropped my face to his lower back-- biting the thong between my teeth"Completely" responded It occurred to me then that was about to be fucked by that monster-sized appendage of his Perhaps his most developed muscle was his enormous, thick cock Our elders have started passing on and we have crossed each others paths while showing proper respect to our loved ones My pulse quickened and felt more jazzed than ever had Let’s see if you can handle this I'll be fine"Can give you a hug?" He asked After putting lotion on my back, he began slowly putting it on my legs, carefully avoiding my ass as we drove home told john that my wife has a thing for watching two guys Satisfied that my shopping was complete, set of for home It was probably the alcohol and my horniness While put things back in the car so they would be safe until morning, Stephen had put our twin mattress' together and covering them with a thick plastic drop cloth It was typically busy so sat up at the bar He wasn’t one who usually stopped except for the necessities but today, both his body and the scenery invited him to stop" said,"feels good After turning in our food order, our lovely waiter returned she told us to relax on the couch and she would fix us a drink “Slowly flesh to flesh threeway fucking" Another kiss, and without warning, Gregory swooped me into his bulky arms Then the white guy just as quietly left ” “Doesn’t sound too good How did get this monster so deep in my throat? How did not notice how big it was? It had to have been 10 inchs at the least" he yelled After a few beers and two very powerful joints, Phil and were getting loose and re-acquainted However in my present aroused state couldn't help but to re-kennel my erection figured that had better swallow so swallowed as much as could He was thin, had on very nice clothes, shoes and a fine watch Ryan knelt before me and Mitch mounted the chair's arms, grabbed his dick in his right hand and shook it before my face We had a honeymoon suite that we both chipped in for"No one can hear you out here groaned alil at the pain, but the fullness felt quickly overpowered any sense of pain He had an incredible body that had absolutely no fat"Hey, Bri," Damon called out He grabbed a bottle of lotion and began to rub it on my back whimpered as my head swayed in the euphoria What a way to enjoy an excellent lunch “Well, the first thing need, is for you to strip down to your underwear We stopped and he turned to me went down on him slow and stroked him while pinching his nipples" He said started to sit up, but, as he reached me, he pushed me back down could see the pulses of excitement swell in his organ as both of my hands lifted to stroke it's delicate skin After Steve's soft cock slipped out of my ass, Mike said it wasn't fair that we had cum and he hadn't He grabbed my head and slowly started fucking my mouth"Sorry," he said, and scooted the sheet back, laying on top of it Even if didn’t want him, might not have any option It sounded like a good idea and agreed We had drinks first" Gregory whispered"I bet you say that to all the men He stepped forward, and just like Pavlov's dogs, as he stepped forward, my mouth opened Steve motioned for us to get up and follow him to the back of the house to his bedroom Mike had disappeared saw Dave sitting in the corner, talking with two other men A part-time job at a bookstore and financial aid doesn’t go all that far went over to him as he was playing with his dick threeway fucking Thankfully, he was patient, and took five minutes to work it in All he could hear was the hissing of the man behind him as he rammed his hard cock in and out of his ass Somehow just jerking off wasn't quite enough after my day with Charlene The dancing is frenzied and wild, and the drinks I've had are going to my head and the sensation of being flows throughout my body and out into the tips of my fingers Curiosity got me further than expected His strong hands kneaded my pecs, he massaged my face and sinus areas, my temples, shoulders, and moved on to my thighs, lower legs, and feet “Oh yeah He had cleancut, boyish features, and would be regarded as a fem by some paused for a second and his reply was"Oh Chris, don't stop please, make me cum" was so surprised and led him to the bedroom where we could have more room Is that why you don’t like to go home to your wife?” asked as saw him licking it of from every where put one hand up to my nipple to tease it while the other went to my own shaft, now as hard as it has ever been ” He said At that point, my foot grazed his"My parents left it to me didn't know if could have another so soon was in a daze, still cranking and now being fucked within an inch of my life Stephen had only a small one person tent slid my hand rub and ran my fingers around the outline of his manhood heard him stand up and zip down his pants God, love this man"And you better do it good, cause it's the only thing that's gonna lube your hole when we take it He began twirling it and cocked it back like he was going to hit me and that was fine because now could watch his expressions as he mounted me “Your cock is where it belongs"So fucking hot We were both stroking softly now and somehow we began to stroke in unison could have said no"You suck us both off and your secret remains a secret with us," he said Dave's cock hardened as he stared at me, growing to at least eight inches in length Each time he pulled out, could feel the sperm run down the back of my ass! loved this so much was as happy as ever all for you made the mistake of emitting a moan of pleasure His legs, each one a pure work of art that held broad, lean muscle Each time he would look at me, seemed to notice a lusting in his eyes, and his already huge cock would pulse and get bigger, or harder, or both and he seemed to pull on it a bit harder and faster My first sexual experience, with another person, happened at the age of eighteen ” was amazed It happened So, with very much dedication, gave the dildo a blowjob from hell threeway fucking love you, too We all just laid there trying to catch our breath On the third desperate attempt, Sam slapped me across the face so hard that saw stars had never thought about doing this with a guy" was trembling tried again, and rather quickly got back to the same spot He set me straight Our hands were all over one another as the same passion from earlier returned twice fold No one ever really tells me that went home that night and the image of that guys sucking the other man's dick kept repeating itself over and over in my mind This couldn't really be happening" He said pulled off his shirt and then reached for his belt This was about all he had didn't know if could have another so soon""Number one would be for me to have your ass The next thing felt was john’s hard cock pushing against my asshole With that Aaron finished his drink and turned to face Pat He'll be assisting me in measuring you and selecting your fashions today He was fully erect and he gently rubbed the head of his cock with his hand balked by the intensity of him, surging inside my bowels He pulled back, looked me in the eyes interracial gay sex pictures gently cried out for him as then clinched my ass muscles" He smiled again and ran his hand along my cheek Skin against skin, mouth upon mouth Once again, it felt very good They were standing apart, one at the sink and the other leaning against one of the stall doors can fuck you to death with this thing" He didn't need to tell me twice Momentarily, felt a finger beginning to inch its way into my puckering asshole"Now you are gonna suck us off," Sam said We ordered drinks and began to talk about more personal topics Then with 1 slow thrust he slid the whole way in ” He watched the young man head in the direction of his car as the man helped him into the pickup He said that his wife and bisex guys were out of town that week and that could stay at his house while was in L Just as he first peered into her room, she was taking her top off We all looked over to see two men, obviously professional, who had met up for a luncheon date wasnt bad at sucking dick, but wasnt hardly as good as he was Once was completely naked he stood back and took a good look at me Things progressed from there, almost each day adding something else to our play Standing up, he went over to the cabinet beside us and took out a bottle of something Josh and Chris ” Now he was panicked “Lay down so can see just how hot you really are Inside, was amazed by the lavishness of the setting As if they had a will of their own, my feet stopped"Fuck It was typically busy so sat up at the bar I’d never had a blowjob remotely as good as this one"Oh, yeah, that feels great “Maybe you better come with me and we’ll fix your sore ass for you removed my clothes and sat stroking myself as watched the porn"You have a very nice ass William He was telling me how sexy looked and how well gave head to him"You will put that on or will drag you naked across the parking lot," Dave said Boy, it’s a good thing it was Saturday would flex my entire tongue muscle to wrap around the bottom of his cock head As he did, the head of his cock started pushing against his exposed hole and he felt the pressure as the man pushed harder, trying to enter him flesh to flesh threeway fucking tried to relax and decided to continue John started to shake and stiffen As soon as the car was in park Deacon had lifted up and pulled his pants and underwear down below his knees and lay back the seat so that Dave would have unfettered access to his nether regions had forgotten about my wife Each reached down and began to finger the other's pussy It was my destiny to empty Gregory’s spicy testicles of succulent sperm His towel dropped from the top storage area onto the floor, getting partially wet My cock was the first to make it inside you Full of promise and hope for what was to come Occasionally would remove his cock from my mouth and lick, nibble and kiss the underside of his shaft ventured further down the cock, making sure to open my mouth real wide so my teeth wouldn't scrape Never again would be the same""The first? You think there are going to be more?""I have a feeling there will be…a sexy ass like that will have more cocks That mere thought caused my sperm to begin its exquisite passage from my testicles… could feel the pressure of my seed start its timeless voyage, this time going inside an awe inspiring male couldn’t wait any longer"…is right," he said before we met again in a deep kiss"Whoa," he said with a laugh,"that's not what meant felt my mystery man soften and plop out of my ass Then put his cock back in my mouth did for him what Stephen did for me Finally, he manage to work the head in Thankfully none of them were endowed like Sam and Pete Jerry smiled and smiled back What a variety Then he did something different ass licking women got on the bed between his legs and returned to my licking assault on his body want to feel this man's cock, want to touch it, squeeze it, rub it, and wanted to feel it in my mouth! He looked around and checked the room and then unzipped his fly wanted to make these boys shoot as much cum as they could, and did everything could think of to achieve my goal swear that could feel his hot cum filling up the condom he was wearing fuckable asshole?" he asked, bending over with his dick at the enterance of my man hole, growling each word into my ear He was cute, bleached-blonde, slim, and talked with a slight lisp To this very day, still love to suck cock and swallow their loads and fell cum on my face asked him jokingly if he would have ever taken the guy up on his offer"Happy birthday, lover boy I'd been thinking of him for awhile and thought up a plan to get him naked They ended at last by making me jerk them off in unison and they stood over me as they orgasmed one last time, bathing me in come, was beyond exhaustion and violation Soon after got a wedding invitation from Stephen! was nervous but went ” faintly replied, overwhelmed by the warmth and reality of the intense moment She apparently stayed there and watched me as finished my friends and the job at hand and mouth My own cock was straining at my jeans as made my way felt his hand on my back and heard him say,"Please relax babe Then up and down the shaft once or twice My face was now precisely in front of another man's penis As if were in a trance, my eyes became fixed to his penis and hands The sheets were satin, and felt good against my sensitive skin That's ironic! Who knows how long that has been there A talented mouth sucked on my pulsating member while provided simultaneous service to Ryan's incredible penis"Do it and you will have the biggest orgasm of your life!" Even then resisted Within seconds the drug took effect I've been wanting to quit this job for a while now"Come here," Dave ordered don't know which of us was able to come first, nor do recall at what point we understood we were both able to ejaculate"I will spend my life worshiping your cock and loving you and that tight ass Deacon," he had teased before sliding up and kissing Deacon He looked at me in the eyes, and told me that might be shocked at what he was wearing Not a single drop of his Latino Heat was going to be wasted Aaron began to feel uncomfortable, feeling his eyes roving up and down him His taste was a sweet, delicious one “Ever had a cock up your ass?” Slightly amazed and also alarmed, he tried to ignore the man fuck me, please" begged, knowing he liked to be begged and wiggling my ass in his face He'll be assisting me in measuring you and selecting your fashions today Then, just as milked the least drop of cum from him, the bisex guy started moaning and groaning that he was ready to cum threeway fucking Damon was a hot dude and always had a cheerleader or other gorgeous girl for a girlfriend You give me the rubdown? I’ll talk you through it At that moment, nothing was more vital than having that cock exactly where it was, and tasting his forthcoming shower of cum The taste was strange to me, but was so horny gulped down as fast as could But for some reason, when were really drunk started it"I was bored," he said, kind of chuckling It was full of steam coming from the tub and the warmth felt good against his tired, sore skin With my mouth still stuffed with cock, our needful gazes met again All of a sudden my hand was right there, right by her pussy! turned my palm so was covering up her pussy through her pants" added got up from my station and walked over to the paperback book sections didn't find out that sis was there in the doorway, with her robe open fingering herself till later A part-time job at a bookstore and financial aid doesn’t go all that far While it rained and we couldn't be outside Surely, there was no way my ass could take 12 inches of cock, let alone be fucked repeatedly by two of them! Pete stopped, and re-gripped my ass, each hand covered half of my pale white flanks “You have a nice cock, Scott” he said ” With that, felt him shift slightly and then kiss my shoulder have medium length, brown hair, a moustache and goatee had never thought about doing this with a guy He moved his hand from my neck down across my chest to my stomach Moments later we were back in the van and motoring our way back towards Illinois “Umm…Mike, –“ He seemed to understand and he stopped sucking me just in time Aaron sat at the bar nursing his glass of scotch, rubbing his forehead softly no, it had to be a mistake, it had to be"OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" yelped like a girl as came on my chest and on the chair that help me from falling over from pleasure The music on the radio fades in and out from a static to a strong signal as if each shift of my body entire affects its clarity Gregory simply went spastic… like a untamed beast Now in safe viewing, Gregory brought his right hand to his waist-- gripping the towel that concealed the true prize had been waiting for It was now a past 10 am, which means my parents had left roughly an hour ago could see the pulses of excitement swell in his organ as both of my hands lifted to stroke it's delicate skin He tossed it aside to another waiter who folded it nicely and placed it on a nearby table knew his loving effort was only in hopes of getting deeper inside me By this time we were both naked and stripped the sheets off the bed and Josh laid down Within seconds, had the head of that giant piece of meat in my mouth as strained to take more and more of him didn't move, afraid of what would happen next have medium length, brown hair, a moustache and goatee “Your cock is delicious was really starting to enjoy the feeling of my backside being violated “Do have good hands?” he asked threeway fucking Then worked back to the shaft was probably only in bed for ten or fifteen minutes before heard the front door of the apartment open"You are the first one have picked up in a long time nervously swallowed my fear as the steam began filling my nostrils “Hi, I’m Gregory One like have never felt They were slightly razor burned from slapping against my chin His cock was fantastic We had been so busy conversing and enjoying one another's company that we did not see the guy walk up In a matter of minutes, he poured his hot jism down my throat knew he loved that Every time pushed into my wife felt johns cock slide out till just his head remained inside We treated one another to a sweet and sexy blowjob This was a most bizarre and sexually charged half hour that any man could ever experience But still had not cum yet And as stare at myself, thoughts wander in and out of the many possibilities regarding what the night has and will bring Pumping the weight and feeling the pounds shed from me made me feel rehabilitated, and attractive once more We talked for a few minutes about nothing of consequence When was able to move again, Jim had returned from washing his hands They were both sweating at this point and in an instant he felt Deacon's cock start to jerk"Oh God" blurted out felt its' heat run down my throat fuck me, please" begged, knowing he liked to be begged and wiggling my ass in his face My wife works full-time too “Okay,” he said, walking into the room, “lay face down"What," she asked,"didn’t you know?""He knew," Carrie scoffed,"he watched and he loved what he saw was about 19, and Nikki was 22 Just as erupted into his talented mouth, he moaned, said something that was inaudible, and gave me a load of his sweet and salty cum worked my way down with my hands and moved my way to his shoulder with my lips It was odd because usually he had gotten off of work by that time awoke a few minutes later when the door closed as the last of my friends walked out of the sauna But it wasn’t until a Thursday night that he came home from work to find me studying and looked at me with fatigue that things changed" Pat smiled and turned Aaron around"I'm off in an hour His frame fell atop my back, still holding onto my bountiful ass"Oh see, you like men, too? Was that the first time you tasted a man’s cum?" Not believing this conversation was taking place with my step-daughter, just nodded my head italian bisex If this was what he'd been missing in his heterosexual plight, he decided to cast it aside Before could rise to my feet, turned to face another piece of black hardness You give me the rubdown? I’ll talk you through it And can't believe I'm here, with him" Hmm, usually she would get up and get me a plate They fucked me forever Gathering all the drool could, bathed his precious organ as my lips quietly sealed themselves around his cock Jimmy had two older sisters, both were serious foxes"Come on, let's pass some time My wife works full-time too"Come on, man, what do you say we go to my car?" Aaron thought about it had the idea that might embarrass somebody, or hurt their feelings (not to mention the embarrassment for myself)"What are you doing?" Aaron asked, slurring his speech slightly reached over and started to fondle him and soon heard yet again another moan The first thing he did was to suck one of my balls into his mouth With all the past two weeks of built up sexual tension he had held Deacon's head still and fucked his mouth while murmuring his cries of pleasure on business As soon as he closed the tube he lowered his hand to his lover's asshole and started rubbing the lube all around Deacon's anus"Yeah take it all you silly bitch," Deacon yelled as he slapped his partner's tight ass with pure lust slowly let his softening cock slip from my mouth The pressure at my anus was minimal and he slipped right in “You’re quite a lovely man yourself By now, was so hard my own cock ached as it strained to be freed from my pants My hands clutched at his hips, almost lifting his ass from the water… My loud grunts bellowed out as violently pounded my gay lover repeated this several times and noticed had gotten quite hard myself Gregory's arms swung wildly as he grabbed the sides of his head in sheer awe could make out the basic features Mike and Scott started by kissing one another Then he moved his finger to my mouth and greedily sucked them clean As Nate and lay on the floor reveling in the aftermath of our cum bath, my life-long, straight as an arrow, best friend in the entire world, Damon, emerged from the crowd He was extremely built in the arms and was standing at about six feet two inches was sort of in shock, but was also still horny as hell Finally as the night wore on got so horny couldn't take it anymore"Don't be nervous," said the lovely proprietor Reaching under the small bed, he pulled out several fetish mags and a deck of cards And like clockwork, it was followed by a huge gush of semen threeway fucking What a hot birthday gift this turned out to be! We laid on the table making out for several minutes and were interrupted only by the voices of my friends, informing me it was time to move on Soon felt something cold and wet being squirted onto my ass hole Just then, there was a slight knock on the door to my booth, and a quiet voice,"That's an even DOZEN!" smiled He laughed a We walked towards the largest stall, Dave behind me, a strong hand on my shoulder ensuring that would not escape The relaxed atmosphere of the sauna caused me to take my time and truly savor this south of the border treat took a sniff That night learned for sure that jerking off is good, but there were definitely things that felt better We had virtually grown up together finally broke the silence by telling him how turned on got driving down to pick him up Then swirled my tongue around the head slowly I'd just shared all the glorious details about feeling up Charlene at our high school that afternoon They fucked me forever Satisfied that my shopping was complete, set of for home At the delivery of the third round, our waiter came to take our food order It was perhaps the most intense orgasm had ever felt ” There wasn’t much hair on Mike’s body at all – only a on his chest (and even that was thin) Simultaneously, my sore, aching cock managed yet another cum on this glorious day and replied with my own load of hot jiz down my lover's throat He was the most handsome, muscular man had ever seen did mean all of them, please, sir He finally pulled away and managed to produce a condom from his nightstand decided to give Phil a call and maybe get together when was in town Boy, it’s a good thing it was Saturday ” I’ll never know if he knew how that would make me feel guilty or if he was being sincere" had stripped naked, and was rummaging through my pack for dry clothes when looked up - and saw Dave watching me through the rearview mirror “Why don’t you undress, and lay on the table? Gregory will be in any time Sitting up, made my way down the hallway as steam bellowed out from his lavish bathroom fuck me, please" begged, knowing he liked to be begged and wiggling my ass in his face quickly glanced back, and saw his jaw puffed out, inhaling as much ass flesh as he could stuff into his mouth Sam looked at me sternly,"Alright bitch, you listen up “You like that do ya?” he said as was getting the last bit of it off of my chest a definite hard penis was waiting underneath He had to admit that the feelings he was having were great but he still wasn’t ready for what happened next looked down as he kicked off his pants Who would have thought that a simple stop would lead to so much more? His grin stayed on his face for a long time as he drove along, remembering the feeling of the many cocks that had fucked him that day By the way which bar are we going to?” asked figured could experiment a with it and if it didn't interest me always had a toy to use on a partner threeway fucking He bent down as if to kiss my head, but instead of kissing me, he began to lick the cum from my head"No, there will be no contact with the outside world for the next 4 days" replied Before had too much time to think, stuck my tongue out and touched it ” He managed to utter while clutching my sweaty cheeks had never tried the drug, but reminded myself that was hiking across the country in search of adventure felt the tip of his monster cock press against my hole We’d love to help you,” the man in front of him said as he reached forward and grabbed his cock again wanted to feel his cock enlarge and throb as it delivered my first drink of his hot white creamy load ” got up and walked into the bedroom, all the way wondering if this was his giant come on ploy It really didn’t matter much to me for when felt the pure wetness of her pussy quickly started to drive it home for all was worth His head fell back and felt his hot cum splash against the walls of my insides Finally, went for it all and stuffed my mouth all the way to the base! could feel the point where the head pushed pass the end of my mouth and actually entered my throat! would get a gag just as it went by, but then it would be o My hole burned as Pete's thick meat pushed it apart and entered my body didn’t know too much about him – we rarely worked at the same time It occurred to me then that was about to be fucked by that monster-sized appendage of his truly home It turned out to be the doorway leading to my wildest dreams went home that night and the image of that guys sucking the other man's dick kept repeating itself over and over in my mind ” With that, he returned his oil to the bathroom and was alone I’m okay If anything it was raining harder now than before Dave picked me up Like others around me, provided this nameless hunk with a wonderfully oral servicing He needed some cigarettes, and for the first time, he needed a man saw the thick, juicy vein that underscored his shaft"" want to get fucked master" said slowly reached over and, as became more light-headed, gently grasped his manhood with my hand One night recall Jimmy came flying back into his room heard the excess that poured from his cock as it splattered like thick rain on the tent floor below me It felt strange, even hurt a little"Happy birthday, Bri Looking back, saw his eyes gazing at my round hips in amazement Without a word, he climbed into his bed Now come with me"I meant that usually give, not receive Bringing my lips forward, gingerly brushed them across his head, knowing how touchy he hopefully was"Your friend outside told me to tell you to take your clothes off so you don't ruin them See, was afraid that someone in the store would spot my growing hard-on while looked at the front covers and back covers of all of the videos That was all the stimuli he needed as he shot a fairly good sized load into my mouth threeway fucking And if that jockstrap wasn't stuffed with a pair of socks, this man was incredibly hung “Haven’t you had enough for one day?” he asked

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